Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Bootiful Decorating Weekend!

Be someone and do something that makes you happy!

This weekend I finished up doing one of my favorite things. Halloween decorating. The kids are home from college and I love when all their friends come over and say how they love being here for Halloween. Guess I did a good job. lol Some things are old and some are new. My favorite decorations are the ones that cost very little to buy or make. Thought you might want a peek!

The bats are from the dollar store. I just folded them in half and taped them on the wall. They look great.
I have had this ghost since 1986. He comes from Nutley, NJ... Boo!
Ok, so I have a wreath up all year. I just decorate according to season. I added purple lights and dollar store spider rings. The dancing silhouette witch box I bought in Chester. I love this one! I put the
jack-o-lantern up on a candle stick. Now you can see him!
I love my buffet. Believe it or not I found it on the curb. Yep I did! I sanded, painted and crackled it. I was going to get a piece of marble cut for the top. Instead I painted it black and added a runner. Who needs marble! It is probably my favorite piece of furniture in my house. It is decked out for fall now.
Wait till you see Christmas time!
Had to decorate my kitchen chandelier. These are the little party pumpkins found in the dollar store. I just pulled out the little handle, hooked it over and put it back in. Yay cheap and easy!
Another leaf garland hung over my mirror. I bought them 8 years ago and they still look great. Thanks Martha Stewart. By the way we really know her. Really!
My den and my photo wall. I'll tell you how to make one in another post.
Hanging my photos is another obsession I have.
I added a leaf garland and jack-o-lantern lights to my mantel. Makes it a happy place. 

Love this basket. I have candles and shells in it for the summer. But for the fall I filled it with leaves,
pine cones and a pumpkin spice candle in hurricane lamp.

What did you do this weekend? We decorated!

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