Monday, October 22, 2012

Pennsyltucky Punkin' Pickin'!

Quote of the day: Go outside and play once in awhile!

There are still 10 days left before Halloween, which means you still have time to go out and pick that perfect. That's what we did this weekend. It's another tradition we still all do together. And since my girls were home from college, Sunday was our Pennsyltucky punkin' pickin' day! We go to Grim's farm every year and it happens to be 10 minutes from our house. Yay for being close by! 
This year to our surprise they expanded and it was even more fabulous than last year.
My girls were so happy to pose for me. That's because I take a million pictures of everything all the time. They were like "Mom we're not standing in front of that sign". 

But you can see who won on that one. Lol!
Jessica found her perfect pumpkin but was just having one last look!
I am the worst with having my picture taken. That's why I take them and I'm not in many. But Jac was like, "Mom come on it's your turn".
So since it was a gorgeous day, what the heck! This really is a beautiful farm.
Jac and her bf Weston, aka, Wegmans, in front of the ginormous corn maze!
Yay...They let me take another picture! Look at the background...just perfect!
Lots of mini Pumpkins everywhere! Jul picked up 2. One for her and one for her roommate. Gotta decorate the dorm!
I had to show you these guys. They were so beautiful and very busy! It was hard to get a good shot. They just wouldn't give me a good pose!
He or she is my favorite. I love how it looks like a leopard with a funky doo!
 We found our perfect pumpkins! Can't wait to carve them this week!
So if you are looking for something Fall-ish to do and have a nice afternoon, take a ride out. Here is the link. I'm giving them a thumbs up! By the way, Dorney Park is only 15 minutes from here. Go see their Halloween Haunt. Here is their link. It's worth the trip! Make a whole day and night out of it! 

Have a Happy Day!
Kim :)

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