Friday, October 12, 2012

My Photo Walls!

Quote for the day: Anything is possible when you set your mind to it!

I just wanted to show you my wall of photos that I have throughout my house. I am always taking pictures. I guess you can say I'm obsessed. My kids flinch a little when I have the camera out. They're like "O god she has the camera out again". Yes I do. But you know what? When the pictures are out and everyone is remembering trips, events, or those goofy moments I have those pictures and they love it. 

Instead of just putting my photos in albums where you really can't enjoy them I have my favorites on what I call My Photo Walls. I saw this in the Pottery Barn catalog and I knew I could do that! So as you can see, I did! 
Guess she got hold of my camera again. be 11! Lol

You can do this too! It just takes a little planning. First I pick my favorite photos. Then I take a little trip to (love them) Marshall's or TJ Maxx for frames. The frames don't all have to be the same. I have some in black and brown. I try to get all different sizes and patterns. 

That was the easy part. Now I arrange them. I happen to have an eye for this. I don't know how but I do. Lol! I just start by laying them on a big space on the floor making an interesting arrangement. I usually start with the largest frame. Then it's kind of like a puzzle. I arrange them till they all fit the way I like. You can also add other objects to your photo wall for interest. 

Then I use newspaper and trace the outline of the frames on the paper. I do it one frame at a time. Each time putting the frames back down on the floor so I can keep track of placement. 

I then start taping the newspaper outline on the wall just like I have it on the floor. The beauty of this part is that if you don't like it once it's taped on the wall you can do some rearranging. Before I start to hammer anything, I step back and make sure I like it. Now, I am weird. I walk out of the room a couple of times and come back in just to make sure it's all good. Ok, I like it!

When they are all taped on the wall I measure where the hook is on the back of photo. Measure horizontal and vertical. I put the photos back down. 

With those measurements, measure again on the newspaper template on the wall and put an X that's where the nail goes. 

Nail just a tap through the newspaper. I just use small nails with heads so they sit on the hook. If frames are heavy use proper mounting hooks. Remove the paper and hammer in (not all the way though). 

Take your photo, put it on the hook and push it the rest of the way in the wall. Should be perfect. If not I just put a little piece of tape on the back and make it even. 

Your done! You get to see your favorite photo's of all your smiling faces everyday! Maybe you can try this out sometime and let me know how you made out. Would love to hear it!

I hope you have a wonderful inspired weekend!

Kim :)

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