Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Once Ugly Went Fun and Funky!

Quote of the day: The 2 most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why! - Mark Twain

I am a new born blogger and with this new venture of mine I needed a new space to do my own new thing! Sometimes a girl has to have a little space of her very own. You know? Somewhere you can express your inner creativity.

The first thing I needed was a comfy chair to sit my tiny hiney on. Lol!
My old chair was comfy but it was really ugly and worn out. I was looking for a new one but with 2 girls in college at the moment it was not on the top of my priority list. Pinterest to the rescue had a tutorial on how to reupholster an office chair. Hmm, I could do that! It was really pretty easy. I'll show you how I did mine.
1. Start to take your chair apart. It's very important to remember what goes where. Do one section at a time. I took the back of the chair off first. It actually popped right off with a big flat head screw driver. It is only held on by little nails. 
2. I then unscrewed the back rest of the chair. Use your power screw driver for this. Keep the screws together. Then unscrew the arm rests. Next unscrew the bottom of the chair. (This is where I got excited and forgot to take pictures. Ugh)!

3. Measure all the sides that have fabric on the chair. Make sure you go all around the chair and give it extra for where you will staple in place. I never remove the fabric that's already on the chair. It's way easier just to keep it on. 

4. Then I ran down to Jo-Ann Fabric with my measurements and started my hunt for the perfect fabric. Now mind you I don't sew. So when I got up to the girl who cuts the fabric I was! The girl was laughing but was very helpful and got me exactly what I needed.
5. Iron the fabric before anything. I laid the fabric the wrong side down and placed the back of the chair on top. Watch your pattern. Make sure it is going in the right direction. 
6. Start at the top. Pull the fabric really tight as you go. It's like wrapping a present. When you come to a corner just gather the fabric and staple gun it in place. Make sure it looks flat, tight and even all the way around. Lookin good!

7. Do the same for the back cushion and bottom of the chair. Make sure fabric pattern is going with the flow like the first side you did. Cut excess fabric off so it looks neat. Almost there!
8. Now all you have to do is put it back together. Hope you remembered how it went. This is where the hubby and an electric screwdriver comes in handy! 
(One tip) When you put the back piece on, remember it had tiny nails? I thought that I was going to be able to push that right back into place. Nope, first I tried Velcro. No good. I finally had to glue it with wood glue and put something heavy on it to adhere. Other than that it was a cinch. Omg! I'm done!

There is nothing like a Zebra print chair to add a little fun and funky to any room. Animal print never goes out of style. It goes with everything and anything. Plus I did it myself and it makes me feel fabulous!

So now I'm a new blogger, with a new venture, a new space, to do my own new thing, with my new Funky Zebra chair! If I can do it, you can too! Let me know how your make out with your!

Have a great day!
Kim :)

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