Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Feel the crisp fall breeze, put on long sleeves, and jump in the leaves!

Photo from Give Thinking a Positive Try via facebook
Well, we're all here! The Fall, October and me. Yes it's me. I finally jumped head first into this crazy blog thing. I searched and searched and researched on a daily basis, for a year about starting my own blog. I really don't like that word though...blog. I finally decided that this is the day for "My Happy Obsessions" to arrive. Don't really know how this will all work out but I am going to give it my best Jersey girl try.

Sleepy Hollow Farm, Woodstock, Vermont, Photo via Pinterest

The Fall is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons. I guess you could say that all my girls are quite "Obsessed" with it also. I love the Autumn. The leaves never cease to amaze me how beautiful they are. Like in the blink of an eye they turn from green to an array of stunning fall colors. And who doesn't like a good football game. Sitting in the crisp cool air, wearing your favorite team hoodie, under a fleece blanket, sipping a cup of hot chocolate with extra whipped cream. Yum!
Ok...I know, a cold Coors lite does the trick too! 

The Pumpkin Patch, Woodstock Vermont,  Photo by Scott Mahon

Yep, it's here! In all it's glory. So take some time this season to enjoy it. Bake that apple crisp, make those caramel apples, (I say carmel), go to that pumpkin patch, carve your pumpkins, eat some candy corn, plant those mums, relax in your nice, comfy, over sized sweatshirt with the hood, put on your Uggs, have that bonfire, go to that football game, sip your hot chocolate, and get ready for Halloween. Because life is too short to be anything other than "Happy and Obsessed" with all the things you love! 

I'm glad you took the time. Hopefully once I figure this out it will be fabulous!
Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day either ya know!

Kim :)

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