Thursday, October 18, 2012

Get Your Pumpkin On!


Quote of the day: Today you can be anything you imagine!

Halloween and pumpkin carving go hand in hand. What would Halloween be without an incredible pumpkin that you strategically carve into a Jac-o-lantern. It is, has, was, and always will be the symbol of Halloween tradition. 
But did you know that Halloween was an original Celtic Holiday. They called it Samhain, which meant "summers end". It marked the end of the Celtic year, and was used as a night to honor the dead. The tradition of carving jack-o'-lanterns originated with Irish children who first carved out the centers of rutabagas, turnips and potatoes and placed candles inside. They were set on porches and in windows to welcome deceased loved ones, but also to act as protection against spirits.
Halloween has come a long way. It is an all time favorite family celebration. Pumpkin carving has also evolved into an elaborate art. The creativity is endless as you can see. 
This pumpkin is carved on both sides. What a great idea!

Who would have thought! I love this one!

Nom, nom nom! He is awesome and hungry!
Aw...Those eyes crack me up! So cute!

What an idea! Love those vampire teeth!

I guess the mice thought it was cheese!

Rhinestones, rhinestones, rhinestones! I love the sparkle!

This guy has stars in his eyes!
So whatever you choose to do with your pumpkin this Halloween,
I'm sure they will turn out to be materpieces just like ours!

Time to get your pumpkin on!

Kim :)

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